Địa chỉ Lô F1, Kcn Quế Võ, Bắc Ninh Bấm vào đây để xem bản đồ
Điện thoại 0241 3738 013
Quy mô 200-500 người
Website http://www.dkuil.com.vn/
Mô tả DK UIL Co., Ltd

Plot F1, Que Vo Industrial Park phase 2, Que Vo, Bac Ninh Established in 1982, DK UIL Co., Ltd. is an electric components company that contributes to the growth and development of worldwide cellular phone industrial through advanced technology, superior design, and new technology. DK UIL has first developed keypads for cellular phones in 1996, together with the development of rubber, film, and plastic for cellular phones.
Our company has continuously developed as a globally competent company through continuous development of new technology and new model with new corporation. With slogan of “New Ideas, New future”, DK UIL will acquire innovative and passionate employees to become a true global leader through continuous changes and creation of valuates.
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