Hotline: 1900 6118

Công ty TNHH RICCO Việt Nam

Địa chỉ: Lô 74 Đường C, Kcx Linh Trung 2, P Bình Chiểu, Q Thủ Đức, Tphcm

Điện thoại: 08 37292737


Ricco Vietnam was founded by Marunaka Corporation International Group.
Ricco VietNam is a leading company in the production of goods and MDF furniture with the shining (Highgloss) 100% in HCMC.

Currently, 100% export Ricco VietNam wood furniture over Japan. The company is also on strategies to increase exports to other markets such as Europe, America, including the domestic market.

Ricco VietNam highest position in the Japanese market with high quality standards. Ricco Vietnam is also committed to continuous development policy of the quality of the management team

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