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Vị trí Project Manager
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Mô tả Direct and manage project development from beginning to end
- Manages the activities and people associated with the project as well as the success of that project
- Defines project schedules to plan and coordinate project activity
- Provides technical coordination and leadership for staff
- Designs, develops, documents and implements new projects
- Assists with development and oversight of programming and testing for projects
- Ensures projects are securely delivered and fulfill expectations
- Identifies opportunities for enhancements and refinements to standards and processes
- Works directly with Architects, System Analysts and QA team to manage the technical aspects of a development project
- Makes sure that project documents are complete, current and stored appropriately
Kỹ năng Bachelor degree or equivalent, and at least 2 years of experience in management position
- Solid system architecture experience, how the web was built and involved, and how an enterprise system is made of. Your technical knowledge should not be limited by programming language
- Possess general understanding in the areas of application programming, database and system design
- Expertise in .NET, JAVA, PHP development is a must
- Knowledge and hand-on experience with database optimization
- Strong analytical skill, very well-organized, problem-solving
- Responsible, result-oriented, able to work under high pressure and to handle multiple tasks at the same time
- Good leadership and team spirit
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills
- Excellent written and spoken English
Yêu cầu hồ sơ Please send us your Resume (including CV + Application Form + Cover Letter + scanned or certified copy of Degrees, Certificates, Academic Transcripts) to:
- QGS Office: 12th Floor, Danang Software Park, 02 Quang Trung, Danang, VN
- Or Email address: recruit@qgs.vn
HR will reply when receiving your application.
Suitable candidates will be contacted via email/ phone to inform the Interview
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Công ty TNHH QGS Việt Nam
Địa chỉ Tầng 12, Số 02 Quang Trung, Đà Nẵng Bấm vào đây để xem bản đồ
Điện thoại 0511-3888682
Quy mô 50-100 người
Website qgs.vn
Mô tả Quadralink Global Services Inc. (QGS) provides value-added IT services to organizations in North America and Southeast Asia by connecting North American vendors and expertise to the growing ICT marketplace in Viet Nam. QGS helps organizations increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and streamline workflow, from the requirements identification phase, to development, testing, and maintenance during deployment

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Người liên hệ Phòng Hành Chính - Nhân Sự
Email recruit@qgs.vn
Địa chỉ Tầng 12, Số 02 Quang Trung
Điện thoại 05113888682
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