Công ty Cổ phần Công nghệ Cơ điện Reecons

We, Royal Technology Engineering Corp. - RECORP -
The Design and Build contractor in field of MEP ( Machenical - Electrical - Plumbing ) services. With our youthfulness and enthusiasm in structure, RECORP has got a great flexibility to grow at a amazing speed.

Our Mission is Constantly fulfill delivery of the Quality of work that meets and exceeds the customers contractual demands, making sure Cost and budget requirements are met, meeting the requirement of Timeliness to all our clients while complying with Safety, Health, Environment Regulation, and all applicable laws / rules.

The Guideline to implement our projects:

Highly appreciate the proactive of individual work as well as team work; encouraging comments, praising the proposed effective. Each member will have a great working environment to maximize their abilities. RECORP is looking forward to welcome members with experience and high responsibility in the field of Design and Build MEP system.
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