Công Ty Cổ Phần Everpia Việt Nam tuyển dụng việc làm

Địa chỉ: Dương Xá, Gia Lâm, Hà Nội

Điện thoại: 8403213791777

Website: http://www.everpia.vn

- EVERPIA VIETNAM is the first company invested by 100% Korean fund in Vietnam and has gradually developed with padding and bedding business since established in 1993.

- EVERPIA VIETNAM is the biggest padding and bedding company and leads the related markets in both the North and South of Vietnam.

- Sales revenue of EVERPIA VIETNAM consisted of 70% bedding sales and 30% padding sales (2011) and EVERPIA VIETNAM has successfully localized in Vietnam based on prompt ratio of exportation and local sales.

- Making every effort to meet the demand of domestic customers and exportation, EVERPIA VIET NAM has the honour of winning the Gold Cup of Global Economic Integration and the Gold Cup of WTO Standards on Intellectual Property Protection.

- EVERPIA VIETNAM is trying to develop steadily to be the most favorite enterprise in Vietnam and now is listing on the Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HOSE) – stock code: EVE.


EVERON:Premium bedding brand positioning high price & high quality in Vietnam
ARTEMIS: Bedding brand positioning to high -end customers
EDELIN: New bedding brand positioning to low -end market
DEXFIL: Premium padding brand for high performed low denier padding goods
DACRON: The best global bedding brand from INVISTA
THERMOLITE: The best global padding brand from INVISTA, lightweight warmth in the widest range of Apparel, sleeping bags, winter accessories, shoes hunting wear and high protective outerwear and adventure gear
ADVANSA: Europe’s polyester leader, high performance & well-being polyester for bedding products

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Công Ty Cổ Phần Everpia Việt Nam Tuyển dụng

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