Cty TNHH CNC INDUSTRIES là công ty 100% vốn nước ngoài đầu tư tại VN,chuyên sản xuất các linh kiện và phụ tùng phục vụ cho ngành dầu mỏ và khai thác

CNC Industries is a prominent manufacturer of OEM components for the Mining, Construction, Earthmoving Industries along with specialized parts used in the Oil Extraction process. Our broad range of CNC and conventional machinery, paired with our 30 years of experience provides us the ability to complete projects of any size, from simple to complex. CNC Industries operates in three product divisions: CNC Mining and Earth Moving Parts, CNC Custom and Oilfield Manufacturing, and CNC Induction Hardening.

To serve the changing global needs of our clients, our innovative Edmonton, Alberta facility is equipped with some of the most technically advanced CNC machinery available today. Our turning and milling capabilities, combined with our wide array of state-of-the-art equipment consistently deliver accurate and efficient final products. Our production facilities also feature various lathes with live tooling, as well as complete 4 and 5 axis machining capabilities. Equipped with either hydraulic or manual steady rests, we possess the appropriate lathe to complete any project.

Aiming to service our global clients more effectively, CNC also owns and operates an advanced manufacturing facility in Asia. Our overseas facility, skilled staff, and advanced equipment allow us the ability to maintain our standard of product excellence, while managing the needs of the current global economy.As an industry innovator, CNC’s passion, equipment, and expertise, combined with our long running ISO 9001:2000 quality program and API certifications; API Spec Q1, API 6A, and API 7-1 has set the stage for our continued growth and success in delivering high quality, advanced solutions and products for all our diverse client needs.
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