Over 50 years experience in Lingerie business, Sabina is one of the largest manufacturer and the most well known brand in Thailand. Today, Sabina brand is the top 3 lingeries manufacturer and distributor in Thailand. In term of marketing, Sabina is the best selling Thailand lingerie brand This can be proof by our brand value which in term of all consumer products have the highest value for the amount over Five Thousand Million Baht or over 180 Million Baht

We have the distribution network in Thailand for our product more than 550 channels in Department Store, Discount Store and our own shop which currently have a lots shops. The no. of shop is continuously increasing each year. We are now ready to expand our marketing networks with excellent quality of products at the reasonable price to provide women the highest satisfaction and make women's attractive figure even more distinctive. Due to our high quality standard, strictly control on production process and continuous invest in research and development, Sabina now captures every segment. With the strong growth business and high recognition from local customers, Sabina is now extremely confident to expand our competitive advantages to oversea markets.

Sabina's Trademark in Oversea market is varying to each location. Currently Sabina, Sabinie, Sbn are the trademark listed globally by Sabina.

Currently, we are recruiting qualified candidates and passionate to participate in the development of the company.
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