Join MD Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Join Enterprises Co., Ltd started the manufacturing of the medical splints, which is a treatment material of external fixation of the orthopedics from the year of 1999 with a motto of communication, innovation, implementation and achievement, and is leading the world market of the treatment material of external fixation of the orthopedics.

Based on the polyurethane resins, our company manufactures, and sells the product of glass fiber material which is good in strength and easy to cut, and the products of polyester material of which perfect incineration is available etc.

We have made rapid progress on the essential elements of the treatment material of external fixation such as strength, weight, shape, comfort etc. through the endless research and efforts of the laboratory. We have made so many efforts for the plaster cast that is big and heavy to be replaced by the splints made of glass fiber that is small, light, strong and ventilated, or polyester material, and we become able to present the excellent quality and competitive prices. As a result, all the products of our company received the registration of the international standard organization of ISO 13485, CE, and the FDA.

We are producing more than several millions of medical splints of the best quality, which we export to more than 50 countries together with the domestic sales.

We will do our best to become a Join Enterprises Co., Ltd. who can always give and take trust to and from the buyers in the world through interaction, innovation, implementation, and achievement.

Thank you.
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