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PDS INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD was established in 1993. The Company’s success and continued growth led to further expansion and an equity alliance with American, French and German manufacturers in 1999. By leveraging on their technology, products and our distribution resources, PDS managed to capitalize on the growing safety industry in Asia.

Later, PDS became a subsidiary of a European manufacturer and continued its regional expansion with the establishment of subsidiary companies in Malaysia and an affiliate company in Thailand, including a network of regional distributors. Subsequently, in year 2000, the company relocated its head office and distribution center in Singapore to larger premises at Pandan Crescent, Southwest part of Singapore.

In the past decade, the Company has continued to take big strides in the Workplace, Safety, Health and Environment arena. The company began designing, developing and manufacturing of innovative PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) products that fit both Asians and our European counterparts and are also suited for the different climates. Such developments were made possible as the Company has consistently maintained its philosophy in the business of people and environment protection and continual adaptation of its business model to leverage on the changing landscapes of today’s globalised world.

In 2007, PDS became a management and employee owned company. Without corporate restrictions and constraints, PDS was able to offer our valued customers with a wider gamut and depth of brands, products and services in more locations. The Company has since further established an affiliate company in China and PDS Workwear, a subsidiary company in the manufacturing of occupational and safety Workwear.

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