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Chicilon Media Advertising Viet Nam Joint Stock Company.

Founded September 2006 in Ho Chi Minh City with U$ 30M capital investment. Chicilon Media is one of Vietnam’s leading digital media companies.

In January 2008, DFJ Vinacapital, one of the world’s top venture capital management companies, funded additional strategic investment to support Chicilon Media’s development.

Based on an audience - centric approach, Chicilon Media is committed being the premier provider of out-of-home LED television advertising and in-elevator digital frame advertising solutions in Vietnam. With its rapid expansion, Chicilon Media currently reaches a market that includes more than 1,400 high-rise buildings, 14 airports, 100 higher premium hospitals, 29 public traffic stations, and 100 supermarkets. At present Chicilon Media’s penetration represent over 70% of all out-of-home LED media sources with its 7700 LED TVs and over 60% of all in-elevator digital frame media sources with its operated 6,700 frames.

Chicilon Media has become...
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