Toeic And Communication English Teachers

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Địa chỉ: 09 - Ql 22 - P. Trung Mỹ Tây - Q. 12

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Mô tả

-Class time: From 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm with various levels
-Preparing and evaluating for Midtem, Final test.
-Taking responsibilities for:
oLesson planning
oTesting and evaluating students
oTeaching material development
oTracking records of students attendance and test results
oSubmitting grading/test results to TTV within seven (07) days since the date of class’s finish

Yêu cầu

2.1. Professional knowledge
Professional knowledge criteria:
-Be native speaker or Vietnamese with equivalent ability
-At least College Bachelor degree from the English department of prestigious college or universities
-Good listening, reading, speaking, writing skills
-Broad and updated knowledge related to lessons.
-The ability to introduce a wide variety of reference sources.
-Having a certificate in TESOL, or TELF is an advantage.
-Skilled in MS Office
-Having 1-2 year experience in teaching TOEIC, GENERAL ENGLISH and COMMUNICATION is preferred.
-Working permit is preferred (for Native teachers)
2.2. Classroom Management
Classroom management criteria include:
-Creating a fascinating classroom atmostphere
-Inspiring students
-Stimulating discussions from students
-Satisfactorily handling students’ questions
2.3. Teaching methods
Teaching methods criteria:
-Comprehensible teaching methods
-Effective communication with students
-Effective use of teaching equipment (computer, projector, CD player, other media equipments…)
2.4. Experience
-At least 1 year of teaching experience
-PET, KET, TOEIC and COMMUNICATION teaching experience preferred
2.5 . Attributes
-Good sense of humour
2.6. Evaluation skills
-Experience in test making and grading
-Using different testing methods to evaluate students thoroughly
2.7. Office relation
-Actively engaging in teacher meetings held by TTV every other week
-Giving students prompt notice of upcoming exams
-Participating in TTV’s activities (camps, sport, events,…)
-Participating in and supporting students in activities held by the TTV or the Youth Union

Quyền lợi

Competitive & negotiable remuneration;
-Opportunities to work in a dynamic & professional environment
-Full-time or part-time teaching with long-term contract
-A steady job opportunity at TTV
-Participation in extracurricular activities

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Địa chỉ

09 - Ql 22 - P. Trung Mỹ Tây - Q. 12

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